After considerable research, you have, at last, decided to undergo rhinoplasty surgery – a nose job! You may have heard a lot about the surgery, what it involves, how much it will cost, and the likely outcome. Now you should think about what you should expect in the days, weeks and months after your surgical procedure.

Immediately after the nose job Sydney surgery your face will be a mess! You will be bruised and swollen and you probably will not like what you see in the reflection in your mirror. Your nose may also be packed with lots of gauze. You will also have a cast placed on your nose, which helps support the healing nose. Your surgeon will instruct you know whether or not you should cold compress your nose – a pack of frozen peas will often do the job!

Your nose will be blocked, and you will have to breathe through your mouth for a while. You will also have some pain from the surgery, and you may feel nauseous, as a result of swallowing blood during the surgery, or from the after-effects of the anesthesia. 5 to 7 days after the operation, your doctor will take the cast off your nose and you will see your new nose for the first time! It will probably still be bruised and swollen, and you will need to be careful not to bang your still healing nose, as it will hurt!

After about 10 days (longer if you smoke), your bruises will begin to fade and you should feel ready to face the outside world – although if you are brave you may already have done so! You may wish to cover any remaining bruises with color-corrective cosmetics. Your surgeon will usually recommend which cosmetics are best for your skin type and bruising pattern.

It can take 2 to 4 months before all the swelling from the surgery has subsided. In rare cases, it may take up to a year before you know exactly what your new nose will look like. Some people get upset with the look of their post-operative nose in these first months, because bumps and “crookedness” may be present during the healing process. Most surgeons recommend you don’t undergo any other procedures, such as revisions, for at least 9 months after having your rhinoplasty operation. The healing process may simply take that long, so you will need to be patient!

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery with a very high success rate. Success is defined as achieving the reasonable results the cosmetic surgeon predicted prior to the surgery. Having said that, you must understand what to reasonably expect after your nose job surgery and have some patience!