First aid – Deal with problems in your home

First aid – Deal with problems in your home

You will have to deal with bruises or some minor cuts eventually, whether you want it or not. There are two ways to deal with those things, by yourself or calling paramedics. Second option is a safe one, but it will cost you, while the first one requires some knowledge about wound treatment. But wound treatment is a small area, because there are other things your small expertise in first aid may be helpful with. In this article I will list few things that must be done when something happens, and in a case when paramedics are unavailable these are the ways to help people or yourself.

Dizziness may be a symptom of some more serious disease, for which you will have to call 911. But until they come, you can deal with dizziness. The person that has dizziness should take time while changing its position, from siting to standing and vice versa. Person should lie down or sit if possible. Changes of position should be avoided and person should not be exposed to bright lights. If a person with dizziness is thirsty you should provide necessary fluids.

Heat exhaustion can happen in worst moments where there are no doctors to take care for the person. So you should do it with three easy steps, lower their body temperature, re-hydrate them and let them rest. To lower a body temperature of a person that suffered heat exhaustion you should transfer them to cool environment and turn on air-conditioner if possible, if not fan the person, Other way to cool them down is with cold water, and if there is a garden hose nearby, use it.

To re-hydrate that person give them as much fluid as possible, but don’t give them caffeine or alcoholic beverages.

Heat exhaustion may cause headache and best thing to suppress it is with Tylenol. The rest of the day that person should not work or do anything buy lie down and rest.
Hypothermia is not something you can dismiss as mild thing. It is quite serious and can lead to many things including death. If you have to deal with it then heed these words and remember them.

4-stress-busters-warm-bath-lgnPerson that has hypothermia should be moved in warm room if possible, and they should take off their wet clothes. Person should be dried as best as possible, and he/she should be warmed, trunk first then extremities, never other way because it can lead to shock. Don’t give them warm bath, or any bath at all, because it can only harm them. Place them near strong source of heat, or if that is not available wrap them in arm clothes.

Warm fluids should be given to that person, and body temperature should be maintained ( go and wrap their head and neck as well ). This is all you can do, all other things are up to health care providers, but in most cases they will just keep the victim’s body temperature up and let them rest when it is safe for them to do so.

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